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     The law in Florida says no puppy will be sold under 8 weeks of age.  This is the bare minimum age.  With small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers older is safer for the puppy.  Yorkie puppies are subject to hypoglycemia because of their small body size.  This is why I keep my puppies until they are 12 weeks old.  I tried sending some home at 10 weeks but I haven't found this to be ideal.  When a puppy leaves home they are leaving their mom, their littermates and the only humans they have ever known.  This is extremely stressful for them.  Stress can trigger illness.  Since I have changed to 12 weeks things have gone much better for my puppies.  However, I would still like to discuss what can happen when you bring home a puppy.  

    Sometimes puppies who travel in a car get car sick.  That can set them up for hypoglycemia.  I always provide a bottle of Nutri drops to every buyer along with a written handout on when to use it.  This is a product for hypoglycemia that comes with full directions for use on the label.  Sometimes puppies will stop eating when they change homes.  This can be life-threatening if a tiny puppy doesn't eat.  Symptoms of hypoglycemia are:
  • Loss of appetite (anorexia)
  • Increased hunger
  • Visual instability, such as blurred vision
  • Disorientation and confusion – may show an apparent inability to complete basic routine tasks
  • Weakness, low energy, loss of consciousness
  • Seizures (rare)
  • Anxiety, restlessness
  • Tremor/shivering
  • Heart palpitations
Something else that can happen is diarrhea.  Puppies are screened for parasites but sometimes things can be missed or not show up on the fecal.  Stress can trigger these things to become pathogenic and the pup may get diarrhea.  If the pup gets diarrhea a vet check is in order to recheck for coccidia or giardia etc.  Coccidia is extremely common in the environment.  It is literally everywhere and is almost impossible to totally eliminate from the environment.  In adult dogs, it doesn't usually cause an issue but in puppies or debilitated dogs, it can be serious.  Basically, something causes diarrhea and the coccidia keeps it going.  
Education and understanding what these parasites are important in caring for your puppy.  
A cough... some times dogs can have an upper respiratory problem.   Puppies are vaccinated for Kennel Cough but just like in people there are multiple causes of a respiratory problem.  Most of the time it will be self-limiting like a common cold but if in any doubt check with your veterinarian and go in for an exam.  
Basically, stress is well..... stressful..... for the puppy.  Try to minimize it when you bring home your puppy.  Don't take them out a bunch of places or around a lot of people until they have adjusted to you and their new home.  It is in their best interest.  And it's a good idea to take them into your vet to meet them and give them a once-over.  I am happy to have my vet send any records to your vet for any and all things they may have seen the puppy for. 
So let's recap...   Allow the puppy to adjust to new home, make sure the pup is eating and drinking and eliminating normally and if any problems arise seek assistance.  I want you and the pup to be successful in their new home, and I'm here to answer any questions I can but the ultimate person to consult on all things medical is your own personal vet.  


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