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I am a Registered Pharmacist in Florida and a certified Immunizer for humans when working under a physicians protocol.  I am not certified to immunize dogs but I do have a good understanding of vaccines.  I have been very distressed to read how many people are completely clueless about how vaccines work and who are actively advocating for dangerous practices.  Here is where I stand on this.  I want you to work with your vet on vaccines.  I don't want you to not give core vaccines in an effort to protect your dog from harm.  I realize there is a lot of bad information out there these days.  But there ARE good reputable sources for correct information and I want you to utilize those in consultation with your Veterinarian.  All my puppies are vaccinated by my vet as required by the Florida Health Certificate.  I do vaccinate some of my own dogs for some things such as boosters and flu shots.  I have a vet vaccinate for rabies.  

     Lately, I have seen much information regarding people wanting to give their dogs half vaccines.  This is crazy talk.  That is NOT how vaccines work.  They are not dosed on weight for dogs or people.  They are not the same as medications and they are not dosed the same nor SHOULD they be.  Please follow the advice of your Veterinarian and not some random person with no credentials on facebook who is citing some pseudoscience website they read.  You would NOT believe some of the things I have seen lately.  So I would like to list some good sources to look for information for your own benefit.  But always discuss with your vet who is treating your dog.  
I adore the SkeptVet and I strongly encourage you to check his blog on any topic you have concerns about.  He has addressed most pseudoscience topics very well.  He reads the current scientific literature and gives a very informed view.  
and here is the direct link to the guidelines.  


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