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I am a small in home breeder of AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers.  I am a retired pharmacist who is loving my new job cuddling puppies.  I strive to raise healthy well-adjusted puppies who will be a pleasure to own and love.  As a medical professional, I am continually researching and reading good sources for information on dogs and care of them.  I work closely with my veterinarians as they are the experts,.  I have noticed a lot of bad information floating around the internet these days.  I always choose the science-based approach.  I want my medicine evidence-based and my science peer reviewed so I do not go with a lot of the pseudoscience I see everywhere.  I will go to established sources only for the latest information.   I belong to my local dog club and I am working on getting more involved with showing and performance events.  This is a passion for me and I have never enjoyed what I do more than now.  I stand behind my dogs and I will be available to answer questions or to help you find the correct answer when you need me.  I want all my puppies in the very best home I can find for them and I want them to stay there so I will be here to help you in any way I can. 


A state of Florida Health Certificate will be provided for ALL puppies.  This will show all immunizations to date.  Puppies will be wormed and have a negative fecal test at the time it is issued.  Florida has a Lemon Law for dogs that very clearly spells out the rights of the buyer.  This is a pretty good health guarantee already.  

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    The law in Florida says no puppy will be sold under 8 weeks of age.  This is the bare minimum age.  With small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers older is safer for the puppy.  Yorkie puppies are subject to hypoglycemia because of their small body size. This is why I keep my puppies until they are 12 weeks old. I tried sending some home at 10 weeks but I haven't found this to be ideal. 




"Teacup" is a term you may see thrown around.  There is no such thing as a 'teacup' anything.  There is the breed standard and there are puppies who are either above the standard in weight or below the standard in weight.  The standard for the Yorkshire Terrier calls for the dog to be within 4 to 7 lbs. 

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I am a Registered Pharmacist in Florida and a certified Immunizer for humans when working under a physicians protocol.  I am not certified to immunize dogs but I do have a good understanding of vaccines.  I have been very distressed to read how many people are completely clueless about how vaccines work and who are actively advocating for dangerous practices.  

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