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A State of Florida Health Certificate is provided for all puppies at the time of pickup which will show all immunizations to date. Dewclaws have been removed, tails have been docked and puppies have been wormed and have a negative fecal studies at the time of sale. All puppies have been treated for Round Worms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms and in addition Giardia and Coccidia.

It is necessary for you to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with immunizations, proper nutrition, which consists of a good quality professional food given at regular intervals, and fresh water available at all times. The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the dog, and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.

If your puppy should within the 365 day warranty period develop a serious hereditary disease you must notify the Breeder/Seller within 10 days of the diagnosis and copies of all reports sent to the breeder. Results outside the accepted medical standards and requiring a surgical Liver Shunt repair shall indebt the Breeder/Seller to the Buyer, in an amount no greater than the original cost of the puppy and for a term no greater than 1 years from the date of this Contract/Agreement of Sales. Diagnosis of any congenital defect shall meet the accepted veterinary diagnostic protocols. We exclude Luxating Patellae as they may be acquired as a result of injury.

The Breeder/Seller does not assume any liability for Veterinary costs not agreed to in writing and/or outlined in this document. Further, buyer agrees to supply or authorize release of medical records from their veterinarian to the Breeder/seller as it relates to this puppy upon determination of a congenital defect.

We will replace, for a period of one year (1 year), this dog, if it dies due to any hereditary and life threatening disease or if the quality of life of the dog is impacted negatively by this hereditary disease in such a way that the buyer's Veterinarian recommends that the dog's life be terminated and this termination is confirmed by the Breeders Veterinarian.

If the puppy should die of a congenital birth defect, within the 365 day period, the dog will be replaced but only if an appropriate necropsy (at buyers expense) is performed by a licensed Veterinarian and a veterinarian's certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. The replacement will come from the next available litter matching as close as possible to the puppy that was lost.

Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury, over feeding, underfeeding, and any puppy that does not have up to date records of vaccinations, de-worming, and heart worm preventative, are not covered under this guarantee. Other certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, such as, allergies, ear mite, mange, and other autoimmune disorders are not covered in this guarantee.

Please keep your new puppy away from other dogs, dog parks, public places, handling by non-family members as many diseases can be contracted through indiscriminate touching of your new puppy by folks that have been in contact with diseased animals or humans. Please sanitize all hands before handling your puppy until all immunizations are complete. If a family member is ill, please isolate your puppy.

This guarantee does not cover hernias/ruptures, Parvo, (puppy needs full set of immunizations (3) before immunity), Hypoglycemia, Coccidiosis or Giardia which can occur in puppies that are stressed from moving to new homes or contracted from other animals or the result of injury.

All veterinarian charges, incurred by the purchaser, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under no circumstances be paid by the seller, including spay or neuter charges.

The seller guarantees a healthy companion pet, but does not guarantee breeding or show quality, adult size, color, coat type, ear set, or temperament.

If your Veterinarian should recommend that your puppy be euthanized please call us so that we can obtain a consult with our Veterinarian at our expense to validate this recommendation before the puppy is euthanized.

We provide information on Immunization Schedule, Recommended Diet, Supplements & Treats, supplies, Hypoglycemia, Parvo, and Signs and Symptoms of Liver Shunt and appropriate diagnostic testing required to confirm diagnosis.

This puppy has been placed on Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terriers and that is my recommended food for this breed. For the 1st 6 months it should remain on the puppy formula (you have been provided with a sample bag of food) and Royal Canin Mousse for puppies. It is also advised that your puppy receive a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement to assist them in strong joint development. If you choose to change food it must be done gradually over a period of several week to avoid gastrointestinal upset and is not recommended.

Breeder/Seller and Buyer also agree: In the event of litigation as it pertains to this Agreement of Sale, the court of jurisdiction shall be in the State of Florida said county of Alachua.

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